My first Jazz show

So last week I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to go out to New York over Memorial Day weekend. Needless to say it was an amazing experience and eye opener about social assumptions that I was quite off basis with; but that is another article. One night after a few hours of intense …

New Job

So I got a new job that takes up most of my time now… I will not get to update this as often as I would like anymore and development posts are definitely going to slow down.


First Week on Upwork

I spent a week of my time now on Upwork, and first impressions are that this is a good way to cushion income and make sure that as a freelancer I stay busy when my main clients are not available for projects. I have been able to process around four clients in this time for …


New Site!

New site is launched! There will be some errors in the links of some of the articles I assume. As time goes on here they will be fixed. I will continue to post content on this site as I create it and am hoping to get in the habit of just working on here instead …