First Week on Upwork

I spent a week of my time now on Upwork, and first impressions are that this is a good way to cushion income and make sure that as a freelancer I stay busy when my main clients are not available for projects. I have been able to process around four clients in this time for about $600 total. That is not very much but it seems like if that trend continues then the possibility for an increase in earning is definitely an option.

I must admit it is a little annoying knowing that I have to take less value for work then I would like to in order to get the contract and compete with the digital market on this website, but nothing in the freelance world is easy and I am appreciating the chance to test my skills in varying fields of expertise (not to mention time/business management). If anyone is considering using a website like this I would recommend at least giving it a shot, if anything it stops you from sitting around doing nothing! Hopefully some of the contact that have been established will become someone who comes back to me for other work that they may have in the future, which would make this whole experiment worth it in the long run.

Now what is kinda not all clouds with silver lining would be the fact that according to their statistics system my percentage for jobs hired vs jobs I have showed interest in is absolutely maxed out for other freelances in my industry. That means I am presenting myself in a very successful manor or I am getting lucky as hell, and for someone who does not get as much of a hired turn around this whole process could seem useless or like a waste of time. If that is the case I would recommend changing your approach for showing interest in the project and remember that you are interviewing the client as much as they are you. If its not a good match, move on if it is make sure you demonstrate you have the knowledge to make the clients life as easy as possible, you are supposed to be the expert present it like you are!

All in all, I will continue to use their service and may go on to pay for the membership (which is kinda whack considering they take 20% of all my income through them already) I will just have to see its cost effectiveness and if it changes the amount of jobs I am able to contact to each month. If you are wondering if its worth it, well that’s completely up to you and what your getting out of it… I consider it time well spent instead of time wasted.

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